We carry many different calibers of ammunition to include:
25 Auto
22 LR
12 Guage
.38 Special

Brands include TulAmmo, Monarch, Federal, CCI, Winchester, Hornady, Remington and more!!

Berkey natural purification systems are the world's most powerful and economical personal water purification systems, providing reliable and user-friendly water purification in both normal and hostile environments. Berkey systems are far more superior to any other filtration systems on the market and we have the proof! They are powerful systems that can purify ordinary tap water, yet powerful enough to purify untreated water from lakes and streams. These systems are great for every day drinking water or just to have on hand in the even of a natural disaster. Whatever your reasons are, we carry all systems and the supplies you need to start up your system. Below are some of the items we carry:

*PF-2 Filters - removes arsenic and flouride

*Black purification elements - removes viruses, bacteria, minerals and more. So powerful, they can remove red food coloring from water without removing essential minerals our bodies need;
*Replacement kits for both Berkey Light and all stainless steel systems'
*Water bottles
*Spigots for stainless steel systems
*Replacement filters for water bottles

One World Whey is derived from healthy grass pastured cows. Our whey is uniquely processed to leave the protein in a non-denatured or undamaged state, and then it is technologically enhanced.  One World Whey is technologically enhanced, using a proprietary process, to offer your body maximum health benefits and nutrition.  By increasing your protein intake, you can:

-Feel Energy Levels Soar
- Build Beautiful, Lean Muscle
- Support Normal Brain Function, Cognition, and Mood
- Increase Master Antioxidant Levels
- Experience Faster Recovery from Exercise
- Support Normal Immune Function Throughout the Body
- Support the Normal Metabolism of Heavy Metals and Harmful Toxins
- Support Athletic Endurance and Performance

We currently have the following in stock:

1 pound vanilla, strawberry and chocolate
5 pound vanilla, strawberry and chocolate